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Animal sounds for kids


Welcome to animal sounds library game that we gather sounds from real natural sounds, I have attempted to record animal noises from real place. This game create for kids play or even for toddlers or adult. In game we separate menu by type for easy to find the audio for babies, first wild animal sounds such as lion, mountain lion, tiger, monkey and bird sounds. The second farm animal such as dog sounds, cat, cow, bee, duck noise, goat, chicken or even rooster sounds, etc. The third reptile example crocodile, frog sounds, etc. All voice of animals in game record from real that right we record real dog bark, cat noise, etc. Our animal apps suited for children that free to play no extra play. This game will help your kids recognize their noise or sounds. Moreover our animal games build free for kids include boy or girls. Our app have quiz for play choose the sounds match with picture that you listen. In app we almost have zoo animals in game free for kids and big girls, Beside we try to design friendly UI that consist HD photo that good with baby games. All photo show real life creatures games with top free with no internet needed for play.App Feature:- More than 50 sounds and real HD picture.- All photo have tag for learning name of animals.- Record from real natural sounds.- Friendly interface for kids easy to play.- Separate by type that easy to find: Wild, Farm animals, Reptile.- Come with picture effect, great music intro.- Game mode for guess the audio that you listen.